Squirrel (squirrelm0nkey) wrote,

Time wasting, Tibet and Atkins (again)

Apparently research into the Atkins (or any high-protein diet) has shown that they can reduce fertility. I'm a great crusader against the Atkins and all those other make-you-stink diets but I was quite happy with these findings. It's like natures inbuilt control system - stupid people will not procreate.

I really should really write in here more because now I find myself in a position where there are large gaps and I can't be bothered to fill them.

My friend has offered me a job, only temporarily but it'll be good to have the money and the reference from it. Alex got the job in the Body Shop as I knew she would. I've decided I'm not going to make any more friends who are attractive because they always get the jobs you want.

Note to self: Must buy corset. Oh yes.

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