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Working 1 til 9, what a way to make a living

I'm writing this from work. Oh yes, that's right. I am sitting in front of a computer screen at a desk, with a fan and post-it notes and a phone. Tis crazyness, I do declare. But, yeah, I got a job. I'm working for Retail Management Consultants in Stirling. It's pretty sweet actually, everyone is really friendly and the boss is possibly the nicest woman ever.

I tossed around the idea of cutting off my dreads with my friends. Reaction: not good. They were all like, "oh right. Really? But then I won't be able to say 'You know Squirrel: the girl with the dreads. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.'" Apparently, my dreads define who I am. Which is a slightly depressing prospect.

Oh well, I'm back off home in an hour. It's great being in the office late when their's only 2 other people on (and both those people are ace). Hopefully Alli will have cleaned up the flat while I've been out. And maybe prepared me a gourmet meal. And lit scented candles. And bought me a box of chocolates. And is prepared to give me an hour long massage. Aaaaaah....
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