Squirrel (squirrelm0nkey) wrote,

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Aah, moodswings. What fun they are.

I think the contraceptive pill I was taking made me get these terrible moodswings but since I changed to a new one I still have them. It's really bad, I feel like my personality has changed irredeemably.

Aaaah, feel the rage. Reminds me of the 'Larium rage' that was suffered by many of my pill-popping traveling buddies when we went to Egypt and Ethiopia. The anti-malaria drug Larium has a list of side-effects about as long as an orangutans arm, all of which were suffered by my poor friend Rebecca and most of which were suffered by the rest of my friends. I wasn't taking Larium so unfortunately this gave me no alibi as to my bad moods but merely showed me up as the bitch I truly am.

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